Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Answers are Within.

People don't like to face themselves and challenge what they're told to believe. Instead they tend to build a comfort zone around what they're pre-taught already and run with it, without actually trying to make sense of it all. "Only a fool thinks he knows it all. A wise man questions everything." All that you're told to believe trains your mind to think and feel those ways, therefore creating a cycle of the same, even if it seems different, you look back and you're still seeking the same answers. You're still having the same issues with different faces, places, physical realm. 
The truth is WITHIN you. All the great teachers of this very principle, Jesus, Buddha, etc.. They all were trying to tell you all that you, then, we all are one, we all are God, we are all Love, energy. Not just them. But people over time have twisted the truth to their materialistic and monetary benefit and made what's now called divided religion. But people just follow it, without questioning and finding reasoning. How is love divided? Come on wake up. We are all Love. We are all Divine spirits, energies having a human physical experience. It's when you start to think and feel that only what you see is what's real that you lose sight of yourself. People get caught up being comfortable using religion as a crutch while they make money off of you every week. Another form of spiritual slavery that still lives til today. We are much greater than the dollar yall throw in the bucket every week.
Yet, anything that tells you that you can find al that you seek within yourself is "the Devi".
Wake up.
 Look beyond. Look within. The answers you seek are already there. You only seek them because you lost sight of who you are therefore lost sight of all that you have within.
Believe in yourself!

The answers aren't in the physical realm. All that you want need and would love to create, only YOU can do that. Just as m as YOU are the only one responsible for what comes forth from it.
Raise your level of frequency and you'll get better results.

Love you all!
With love

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Clearing it up: Truth behind the "Mental Illness" story

For years here in this life, I was sort of , purposely asleep, living and feeling the way most of you do, believing everything the government says. I wanted to explore and know what you all feel like, living this way.

When I first came into this body, I already knew my past lives, the bodies I've been jumping in and out of, what I've done, experienced, what level I'm on in the Youniverse and all.
I came here already performing what humans call "miracles".
I travel faster than time, which allows me to see into the future, what's going to happen. So I was able to help save my fathers life a few times.
There was also a home invasion when I was a child, where the man shooting at me couldn't fathom why my physical wasn't affected. The bullets went through me. When they left, the police arrived and saw the bullets on the wall, but none where I was sitting. They asked my mother "did she have a shield?" She replied "no". So that got out to the government and they finally saw I'm back again. 
Them having me in the ward, trying to convince me I'm crazy, this isn't true, trying to reprogram me, (as if I haven't been here long enough to see right through What they are doing) they wanted me to believe this so that I can switch energies and put my gifts to sleep. 

I've been on their watch list for a long time.

Since I wanted to understand Those who sleep, I shifted my energy to that mode for some years. I started to attract those beliefs and lifestyles to me like others do when they believe these things. 

Honestly, its unnecessarily chaotic. So a few years ago in human time, I started to switch my energy back. The experience allowed me to see how much control the government has over most people to keep them asleep and what beliefs they were telling people was right and wrong and how it affects their energies and keeps them at a low level. 

So since all I seeked was understanding and I got it firsthand, I'm back. Now I can try to speak to you all and bring you a more understanding message in your language, and spark your minds to think beyond the control.

The initial blogs and videos were to show you how it is to be asleep.
Most people can relate because most are asleep. They got caught up in the physical realm and now believe that this is all they have or all that they're capable of doing. 

I can elaborate more at another time, I'm getting my hair done right now.
Just know, I keep coming back because I love you all. And obviously the message needs to get out there. 
You are all so much more than all that is visible. Know that the two eyes in front of you aren't your real eyes. Open that third one and wake up. You will see truly how great and infinite you all truly are.

With love and high vibrations,
Alyssa Gadson

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Youniverse- Looking In The Mirror

We all Love looking in the mirror every day. It's something that we all do something that we're all familiar with. You want to see how you look before you leave the house, reflection let you know how your appearance comes off.

if you're wearing the right clothes to the right location, if your hair is messed up, if you got the right shoes on, if you make up is either on point or jacked up, either way our physical reflection is important to us on a day-to-day basis.

Have you ever expanded your mind andapply the same principles to your inner self?
The same rule applies.

What you see in the physical is a manifestation of your inner thoughts and inner feelings. 
What you see around you in the physical represents the mirror, you are representing your inner. All that you see around you, the people, the atmosphere, the mood, the energy flow is all a reflection of exactly what's going on within yourself which affects the way you perceive things. 

If your vibrations are low, then the way you perceive things will be negative. Same exact thing applies to the positive.when you're feeling great and your vibrations are hiding you attract the best surroundings and the best feelings in the best people around you that are best for you. 

The key thing is to be aware of exactly what's around in the physical to let you know what vibration you are on within yourself. If there's something in your surroundings that has a negative vibration, check yourself. 

There is a negative feeling that you were giving energy to that is manifesting negativity into the physical.

Same with positive. When you're feeling good vibrations going higher, they expand. The energy that exudes from you becomes the frequency in the air that's going to physically create what you see. You're feeling great and that great energy out to Youniverse and start creating situations for you to continue to feel great. Get a raise, start a business, attract positive people, have a great time with friends, money coming from anywhere, and so on. 

Open your Eye. Learn to be in tune and aware of your surroundingsfor they are the very reflection of your inner self.

With love and positivity 
Alyssa Gadson

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You create what you see

I recently posted a YouTube video called I just want to talk to y'all as someone commented something interesting
"You can't create something if you don't know how you can do that"

Only you create what you see. Being aware is what makes a difference in what you create, but we all create what we see regardless because everything that is physically around you was first felt within you.

Emotions are energy in motion. So any energy that you feel you will attract to you. If you feel angry you createmore situations that will keep you angry. If you feel happy you will create more situations to keep you happy. Same thing with worry, fear, sadness, comfort, and pretty much any emotion. What you feel you attract.The universe will only respond to your energy to create the situations environments and people that you see. Thus making you the creator of all that you see. 
What makes the difference in what you see is being aware that only you are responsible for what you see, that you are the creator, you are the energy creating your physical. When you know that, it's life-changing.
Awaken. Wake up.
Positive, clear vibrations and awareness to you all with love. 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Pay attention to the emotions that you're using behind your words. If the feeling behind your words root from negativity within, then that's exactly the outcome that you will have coming towards you. Same thing for positive, if you have positive good feelings behind your words then great situations will come your way.

Everything you see around you started from within you, whether it's positive or negative. Your environment, the people around you, where you live, your state of mind, what you believe in, is all routed from your inner self. I know people speak negatively and don't believe in themselves and then like to blame what's around them for what's going on in their lives. That is a backwards way of thinking and it keeps you in a cycle. 

Have courage and believe in yourself. Start putting positive emotions behind your words. Pay attention to the words that you speak. The universe speaks a certain language, so the words that you use also determine what outcome you get. For example, if you're looking for a positive outcome, you might not want to use words like "situation" and switch that for "circumstance".

So much goes into what comes out of your life. Your words, the emotions behind it (which speak louder than your words), and the energy you're constantly putting out every minute of the day, is what determines what you will see and go through in your walk here in this life.

Check out this example!
I said, with a lot of emotion by the way, "I want someone who will love me for me and respect me for me, whether they got a girl or not" Sounds simple right? Well, because the emotion behind it was so strong, I got exactly what I asked for! I met someone that same week that we had an awesome connection, great conversation, great sex, ambitious, accepts me, all that great stuff... He had a girlfriend. Yep that bothered me a bit.. and long story short, this guy goes and has sex with some girl in his living room (a girl that Im supposed to be interviewing!!) while I was in the next room! WOW!

I said what the hell!? The Youniverse reminded me of the words I used when I asked for him "..i don't care if he has a girl or not!" I was settling! My inner spirit was messed with and that almost caused him a great consequence with the Youniverse, but I also laughed it off and left cause well.. I asked for it and it came! Lol.
Im like wow man...

The strength of your energy is powerful as well.

I was upset, telling this guy off in the car, cause he's insulting my intelligence (bad move!!) so I'm telling him this and that, and My Inner Lion comes out and my energy got super strong, because it was out of anger, a car accident infront of us took place.
I yelled at him "SEE! This is why I don't like being angry! Shit like this happens!! My energy travels to those around me, and so how I feel affects them too!! So let me calm down, shut up and drive!"

And did exactly that! Lol. seriously though... Everything around you, You cause.
Your words, the emotions behind them, how you say it, how you use your words, determine what comes your way. Thus therefore making YOU, no one else, YOU the creator of all that you see.

Speak strength, wealth, health, clarity, awareness, knowledge, wisdom, success, growth..
Feel it! You're already there! Doubts and fears are only blocks that you put against your future. The minute you doubt, you turn away any positive experiences that are headed your way. Shift energies when you see a negative thought coming. Don't dwell on it, but be aware of what its telling you.

Look at all thats around you. Be aware of the fact that it all says something about your state of mind.
I can go on and on about this!!! So much goes into this....

Transform your mind and you will transform your life.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Why You Changed?

We all start in our comfort zones, therefore those around us are in theirs as well. (Who is around you reflects what's within you). When you start to climb out of that box, step out of that zone, change mentally, emotionally, spiritually is required, comes with the territory of reaching higher, succeeding. Therefore those around you have to change as well, because again, it reflects what's going on within yourself. Therefore, when you're out of your comfort zone, those who still remain there, no longer see the reflection within themselves in you, because now you've advanced to the next level, therefore noticing a change.
So don't let things discourage you when you're reaching higher, keep reaching. When people say you've changed, take that as a compliment and know that you're doing the right thing, you're on your way!